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At Inmotion Junior Golf we offer after school golf programs at a variety of schools spanning across Salt Lake and Utah Valley. Our after school programs are the perfect introduction to the game of golf. These classes are held once a week for an hour over the period of five weeks.

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Elementary School Programs

Over the course of the class we go over how to putt, chip, and do full swings with irons, hybrids, and drivers. Along with those skills we also teach our students what they will need to know while they are on the golf course.

Middle School Programs

Students will learn the basics to the game of golf. Instruction includes putting, chipping and full swings as well as golf course rules and etiquette. Our goal is to engage the kids in an exciting way to enjoy physical activity.

Elite Program

We have students with exceptional skill and potential, for these students we have created our Elite Program. This program is by invitation only, and necessitates a much larger commitment from the golfer and parents.

Class Levels

It's important to know your skill level before signing up for a class so you feel the most comfortable on the course. Our easy to understand guide will help you determine what classes you should sign up for so you get the most from your session.


Beginner students have never touched a club before, or may have a few times. These students have received no instruction.

Beginner programs will introduce the students to every aspect of the game including chipping, putting and full swings in our 10 week programs.


Intermediate students have taken a beginner Inmotion Program at the golf course or at an after school program. They have had little instruction from InMotion or another PGA instructor.

Intermediate programs will introduce the students to every aspect of the game including chipping, putting and full swings in our 10 week programs.


Advanced students have been playing golf for at least a year. These students have taken several InMotion programs and/or several private lessons from InMotion, or other PGA instructors.

Advanced programs will include every aspect of the game including chipping, putting and full swings. Advanced programs are 2 hours long, the first hour we focus on full swings, and rotate between putting and chipping. The second hour we spend time applying everything we’ve learned on the golf course.

Level 3+

Level 3+ students have taken at least 2 InMotion Programs. Each InMotion Program was at 10-week session. These students have had several group and/or private lessons, as well as a lot of instruction.

Level 3+ programs spend a little more time on the driving range, the golf course and receive video analysis often to discuss their swing.

Private Lessons

We offer private and group lessons at a variety of locations through out the valley. Video and swing analysis Included.

After School

The program includes ways to strengthen kids overall fitness, coordination, and the basic fundamentals of the golf swing.

Indoor Golf

Students skill levels ages 4-18 years can participate in our indoor programs are offered November through March.

Course Questions

A quick guide to some of our most asked questions.

Do my kids need their own equipment to participate in any InMotion program?

All equipment will be provided. We will make sure they are using the proper fitting clubs based on height.

Will programs be held during inclement weather?

They will be determined by noon that day. If a class needs to be canceled we will notify you via email. If possibly we will use the schools gym if weather is bad.

How do I know if a class is full?

When you click on the registration link it will let you know how many spots are available.

Where do we meet?

For golf we will meet on the field at the Elementary School. For basketball and tennis, we will meet in the gym.

Do you offer make up lessons?

We do at our After School locations. We must know a minimum of 48 hours prior in order to receive make up options. We are in limited schools so we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a location and time that works with your schedule, but we will do our best!

How many students are in each class?

At the elementary programs we have an 8:1 student to instructor ratio.

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