Elementary After School Golf Programs spreading throughout Utah!!

At Inmotion Junior Golf we offer after school golf programs at a variety of schools spanning across Salt Lake and Utah Valley. Our after school programs are the perfect introduction to the game of golf. These classes are held once a week for an hour over the period of five weeks. We meet on the field at the elementary school right when school gets out. We use hitting mats, and almost golf balls for safety. Over the course of the class we go over how to putt, chip, and do full swings with irons, hybrids, and drivers. Along with those skills we also teach our students what they will need to know while they are on the golf course. We teach them about the different types of clubs, the rules of the game, and what etiquette should be used on the golf course. By the end of the program we want our students to have a base understanding, enough so that they would be able to go on a golf course with an adult and know what is fully expected of them. We also want our students to leave our class with confidence. In our classes we teach the importance of good sportsmanship. We want all of our students to continually uplift each other during the course of the class. We teach our students that if they swing and miss that they don’t need to get upset, but instead they can learn from their mistake and try again. We encourage all the students in our class to continually cheer each other on. Our students should be lifting each other up, and not tearing others down. We want our students to leave with knowledge about the game of golf and to leave feeling confident. Find a school near you!

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