Other Sports

InMotion does more than golf.


Basketball Basics participants will learn basic individual skills all while having fun in a no pressure environment. Solid basketball skills are taught with patience and sportsmanship, including passing, catching, dribbling, shooting, scrimmaging, basic rules and fun games. Program is for K-6th grade students and will be held in the schools gym.


InMotion Tennis is designed to introduce kids to basic tennis skills through fun games and activities. InMotion provides a safe and secure way for your kids to become active and athletic. Our focus is on developing proper tennis fundamentals through hard work and fun! Drills and activities will include footwork, hand/eye coordination, forehand, backhand, volley, and serves. We follow a 5 week professional curriculum designed for beginner-intermediate students. All equipment is provided. Program is offered for K-6th grade students. All After School Programs are held on-site at the hosting schools facilities. Please verify you are registering your child at the school where your child will participate in the program.