Utah’s Premier Elite Program

InMotion is the Largest Junior Golf Program in the state of Utah. We are currently working with over 400 students, including after school programs, and golf course programs. We have students with exceptional skill and potential, for these students we have created our Elite Program. This program is by invitation only, and necessitates a much larger commitment from the golfer and parents.
The Elite Program is designed to accelerate learning and provide the tools to take their game to the next level. We at InMotion want to provide the best learning environment, tools and opportunities to advance your juniors to be the best. This Elite Program is designed to produce the best Juniors in the state of Utah.
We at Inmotion can provide the best instruction, knowledge of the game, and equipment. We can prepare them for High School Golf, College Scholarships, and Local and/or National tournaments.
This winter we had a group of 8 Elite Players that have improved tremendously.

Davis Cook(9) has gained 30 yards on his driver, and a minimum of 15 yards for every club in his bag! His shoulder turn and rotation has increased in his back swing creating more distance and more compression on the ball. Davis knows how to make swing changes better then any Junior we have seen, therefore his improvements have been incredible this winter.

Max Gledhill(16) we have worked with off and on for the past 2 years. Max made the commitment to get better and take his golf game to the next level. This winter we focused on his mechanics to produce one of the best swings of the group. Max has developed an enormous amount of club head speed. He has the most power and club head speed of any student we have had come through our Program. Max is preparing for his Senior year of High School at American Fork High with goals of playing in the State Tournament.

Jack Cook(13) is finally out of his Junior Driver, and ready to hit his Nike Driver! Jacks compression on the ball has improved and we have eliminated more of his scoop. He has started to finish his swing with all his momentum and kills his irons straight down the middle. His short game knowledge has increased and has helped narrow his shots around the green.

Kesler Noble(12) is one of the longest InMotion Students we have ever had! He started at age 8 and we have seen him every week since that first day. His first few rounds out of winter have been some of his lowest rounds he has ever played. He has gained at least 10 yards on every club, using less arms and more body rotation. He has a lot of passion for the game and continues to work hard at it every day.

Cristiana Ciasca(14) finished her best round by 11 strokes out of state last month, shooting 84 at a US Kids tournament in Arizona. Cristiana’s drop inside at the top and her arms coming around her body have helped her hit the ball farther, straighter and most importantly more consistent. The playing lessons have helped her better select her clubs around the green, make smarter decisions, and most importantly gained the confidence she needs to fire in the 70’s.

Kassidy Wahlin(16) has made some huge swing changes this winter. Her swing improvements have come a long way, and with these changes she was able to make the Varsity Bingham Golf Team, having been playing for only 6 months. She has worked hard and still has so much potential.

Sam Nelson(16) has worked hard this winter to shave off several strokes from his game. As a Sophomore he was on the JV Brighton Golf Team, and with his hard work and dedication he will be ready for Varsity in the Fall of 2015. His swing has become more fluid after working hard on timing and tempo with his short game and full swing. Sam spends a lot of time on the course, practicing, and lessons and it is definitely paying off!

Jackson Beck(14) made the JV team at Corner Canyon as a Freshman. He has worked harder these last 6 months then he ever has before. His swing changes have not been easy, but this last month we are ready to say his swing looks amazing! We can always count on Jackson to practice every day and work hard outside of the lessons. Changes with the grip, posture, swing plane, and body rotation have worked well and has gained him the consistency of hitting every shot solid.

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